Staying in the campus is particularly attractive because resident students have access to several facilities. IITP has presently two boy’s hostel and one girl’s hostel that provides comfortable accommodation and are located close to the academic area. There are two married scholar’s apartments (located nearby campus) for PhD and Master’s students. The hostels are located in peaceful, clean, aesthetic environment in campus. Each Hostel in the Institute is self-contained with amenities such as a reading room, an indoor games room, a gymnasium and a dining hall with mess, along with various food joints and canteen in the Food court. The campus community forms a close knit group and you make friends for life here. Presently over 1500 students are residing in the hostels. Students have access to Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the buildings. In addition to the adequate health care facilities, all the students are covered under Vidyarthi Mediclaim Insurance Policy. Campus has a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a badminton court, a cricket ground and a football ground.

The Associate Dean of Students, in his capacity as the President of the Board for Hostel Management, is the head of the hostel organization. He is assisted in his administrative responsibilities by the Wardens, Hostel Staffs and the Assistant Registrar (Student Affairs).

The students elect a student body once every year in the month of April which becomes a part of the College Gymkhana body.


The boys' hostel building is a 8-storey structure divided into 4 blocks viz. A,B,C,D. It's spread onto an area of 28849 Sqm. It has 912 rooms, all with a balcony, window, cupboard, and enough niches. The hostel has two common rooms used for recreational and co-curricular activities and a gymnasium. There are total of 6 lifts in the building. Watercoolers are installed on each floor. Fire extinguishers and other safety measures are taken care of. The building can resist high magnitude earthquakes.

The girls hostel is a 5-storey building with 2 blocks, A and B. There are total 108 rooms in the girls' hostel with each room being spacious and having 2 cupboards and a window. Both the blocks in the girls' hostel have 2 lifts and there are water coolers and washing machines on alternate floors. There are also geysers and fire extinguishers installed on every floor. There is 1 common room, 1 mess and a part of the common room is made into a gym. The girls' hostel also has a badminton court.

Seven more such boys hostels and 2 girls hostels are proposed in the plan.


Boys' hostel has a gymnasium on the first floor along side the common room. It has all the basic exercise equipments like dumbbells, barbells, bench press, etc. It also has other major equipments like tredmills, exercise bike, squat station, hammer strength machine, cables and pulleys, lat pull down machine, leg extension machine and few more.


Boys' Hostel has two mess halls on the ground floor and girls' hostel has one. They provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Messes follow a specific menu for the month. Every month, the mess menu gets changed. Coffee/tea is provided in the breakfast and snacks time. Students elects a mess secretary from all the years to look after the mess related issues. Messes are kept clean and the food is cooked and served in hygienic conditions.

Hostel Rules


The rules and guidelines for management of hall residence have been framed for the smooth functioning of the Institute. All the hall residents are requested to cooperate with the wardens for their efficient enforcement. They must also abide by the norms of conduct & discipline applicable for studentship at IIT Patna and follow in letter and spirit any regulation laid down regarding conduct in the hall. For infraction of discipline, Warden is the immediate concerned authority. Some of the rudimentary rules & regulations are as follows:

1.No student shall change or give up the assigned residence in any hall of residence without prior permission of concerned warden.
2.Students given accommodation in a hall of residence must fill in the student accommodation record and take possession of their room and furnishings under their own signature. They must also submit a copy of their recent passport size photograph to the warden's office for this purpose. This record must be updated for any subsequent changes.
3.The resident shall be responsible for the furnishings for the entire period of his/her stay at IIT Patna. Willful damage of furnishings due to improper handling and misuse shall be treated as an act of gross indiscipline and suitable action shall be taken.
4.Students shall be required to make their rooms available whenever required for repairs, maintenance, disinfection & inspection.
5.Students will be responsible for the safe keeping of their own property. In the event of oss of the personal property of a student due to theft, fire or any other cause, the Institute shall accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for payment of any compensation.
6.Use of electrical appliances like refrigerators & TV are strictly prohibited.
7.Engaging personal attendants and keeping pets by a student in any Hall of residence is strictly prohibited.
8.Acquaintances/Relatives/Friends etc of the opposite sex will not be permitted to visit individual rooms or stay in a student hostel. However a short duration visit to the common room/office room may be permitted by the warden on request. A record of all such visits shall be maintained.
9.Smoking in the dining hall, common room, library and other public places is strictly prohibited.
10.Possession, distribution and consumption of alcohol, drugs and all other intoxicants in hall of residence are strictly banned.
11.Improper behavior with fellow students, staff, wardens, harassment of Juniors/Seniors, causing of disturbance to others etc will be treated as acts of indiscipline.
12.Indiscriminate fixing of pictures or writing of graffiti on the hall's wall is considered an act of indiscipline and individual(s) responsible for such act will be held responsible for the damage caused.
13.All residents shall strictly keep to the timings set down for meals and maintain decorum and decency regarding dress and behavior in the dining hall.
14.Any resident of Hall going out of hall premises between 10pm and 6am must sign a register, indicating his/her destination and time of out/return. It may be noted that permission to stay away from Hall beyond 10pm and 6am can only be granted when the resident is required to work in library, laboratory, computer room etc. For overnight or longer stay off campus, a resident must indicate his/her destination and expected duration of absence in writing to the warden.

Failure to comply with the requirements and procedures applicable to residents may lead to disciplinary action (s) which may include withholding of grades, withdrawal of permission to appear in examinations etc.

The hostel disciplinary committee will have the warden/Asst.Warden as the chairman, General Secretary of the hall and one student representative as members. Within 24 hrs of receiving any complaint (verbal, written) this committee will look into the allegations, evaluate them, conduct inquiry and after establishing with reasonable conviction, will award penalties/punishment to the student (s) as per the conduct and discipline rules.

Warden's Message

Dear Students,

It is a great pleasure and privilege for us to welcome you all at IIT Patna.

IIT Patna has a 500 acres sprawling lush green campus. With green patches, newly constructed buildings and playgrounds, the ambience of this IIT campus is worth appreciating. The pollution free environment, habited by numerous beautiful birds and animals will ensure that you have bundles of sweet memories to cherish after you graduate from IIT Patna.

We have a team of wardens for Boys hostel (Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey, Dr. Sourav Kumar Dandapat, Dr. Deepu P., Dr. Arghya Choudhury, Dr. Prakash Parida and Dr. Balendu Bhooshan Upadhyay) & Girls Hostel (Dr. Neha Kiritkumar Shah and Dr. Antara Garai). All wardens are faculty/scientist of different departments of the institute. As a member of team of wardens of different blocks (A, B, C, D) of the hostel of IIT Patna, Bihta, we are delighted to inform you all that the dedicated team of wardens are supported by adequate staff members and caretakers. All of us are committed to provide you all with utmost care for a comfortable stay coupled with desirable ambience for academic, cultural, extra-curricular and overall personality development.

The different blocks of the hostel of IIT Patna, Bihta function democratically where student residents play key role in the governance process as secretaries for various activities (e.g. mess, maintenance, cultural, technical, environmental, sports etc.). Team of wardens of different blocks of the hostel are the immediate advisor, friend, philosopher and guide to the students as and when need arises. For day-to-day activities related to hostel matter, adequate supporting staffs (caretaker, maintenance staff) are readily available. Each of the blocks of the hostel have complete internet connectivity with links to the virtual class rooms/NPTEL lectures, English Edge Software, indoor games facility, TV room, washing facility, canteen, and other utilities available at your doorstep.

We are very sure that you all will definitely enjoy your stay in the IIT Patna, Bihta and become responsible and enlightened citizens of India with capability to face and resolve all types of challenges in the greater interest of society and the country as a whole.

We wish you all the best for your comfortable, cordial and productive stay at IIT Patna.

Jai Hind

Wardens' Team
IIT Patna

Life at Hostel

Student Life

Beyond beds and books, hostel life grows up, is what they say. But at IIT Patna, hostel life is more than just books and the hostel rooms. It's about sharing, caring, exciting events, and a home away from home with a new family. Here, hostel life is filled with fun and frolic as well as some frisk of study.

Most of the students have their first time stay away from their parents when they come to IIT, but rest assured, there is nothing to worry about. The environment here is absolutely safe and secure. The community is very much caring and helpful. Starting to live in the hostel is like having unlocked a door to a treasure, a treasure of opportunities. IIT Patna community offers ample of diversified opportunities to aid student's personality development.

You can pursue whatever you want. You like dancing - there is dancing club, you like guitar - there is music club, you like robotics and exciting stuff - there is robotics club. Photography club (PIXXeL), Literary club, Programming club (NJACK), Entrepreneurship club (E-cell) and whatever your hobby is, you can always find peers with similar hobby in a club. You can dream whatever you want and chase it because sky is the limit. Within the first year, you may find yourself able to develop android apps or websites, just with the help of clubs.

No Ragging

At IIT Patna, ragging is completely prohibited. The Institute has zero tolerance towards ragging. In fact, when you start living at the hostels, you realize that the seniors are extremely helpful and are always there to guide their juniors with their experiences in various fields.

Living in the hostels with the seniors' help available at any hour truly makes the life at the hostels easier. You can learn a great deal from your seniors.

Annual Fest

Fests are important part of a student's life at IIT. These fests are completely organized by students themselves. On one hand, you get to relax from studies and enjoy, and on the other hand you gain several management and technical experiences that take you a long way in your life.

In Nebula, the freshers are given a party by the seniors which is usually organized in the 1st or 2nd week of August. This is where the freshers first interact with their seniors and get to know more about the college life.

Reverberance is organized during Diwali, in which cultural activities are held, like singing and dancing competitions along with open mic, band performances and hostel decoration competition.This celebration during Diwali in which the complete college campus is decorated with lights and rangoli, makes the college feel like home.

Celesta is the annual techno-management fest of IITP held in the month of October organised for 2 days during which many technical and management events are organized by each club.

Finally comes Anwesha, held during the last week of January which is the annual techno-cultural fest of IITP. This is the biggest fest of IITP. Anwesha spans for three to four days consisting of various cultural and technical events and the grand pro-nites on each night.

Annual fests are the time when everybody is filled with zeal and enthusiasm. This is the time when students learn about many things beside academics, by organising and participating in various events.


The Hostels are equipped with all the modern facilities. Students have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, all 24 hours.

Hostel has a gymnasium for keeping your body fit, two common rooms for gatherings, recreational activities, watching TV and other interesting stuffs. There are table tennis and badminton courts inside the hostel premises. Basketball court, Tennis court and Volleyball court are located beside the hostel.

Hostels have smart lighting system, water coolers and geysers on each floor. There are two mess, a magazine room, a doctor room on the ground floor.

Everyday Activities

There are many activities going around in the hostel that makes hostel life fun. There are also inter block activities and competitions in sports and cultural fields. Students also go for sports practice, cycling, exercise and other recreational activities every evening. Last but not least the Birthdays....the celebration starts at midnight with cake, soft drinks and music. Celebrating birthdays in the hostels has become a tradition now and everyone looks forward to it.

Classes and Labs start from 8am in the morning till 5pm in the evening, 1-2 pm is the lunch break during which students go to the mess and have lunch. Saturday and Sunday are holidays during which students get time to relax, enjoy and do self study.

Last but not least the Birthdays....the celebration starts at midnight with cake and soft drinks! Celebrating birthdays in the hostels has become a tradition now and everyone looks forward to it.

Hostel Council

The Hostel council is constituted of cultural,mess,sports,environment,literary,technical, and maintenance secretaries. Each year of B.tech and M.tech have their own secretaries for each council. There is also a general secretary of each year heading all secretaries. These secretaries are elected by the hostel students through Gymkhana elections every year. These secretaries are responsible for proper functioning of their respective councils.

Hostel life is full of once in a life time memories which students cherish for the rest of their lives. So, to sum it up in short, that's our Hostel Life at IIT Patna... What we call "Home Sweet Home"!

Student Representatives


Name Post Contact no. Email
Abhinav Gyan Vice President, Gymkhana 7250925416 vpgymkhana@iitp.ac.in
Abhinav Sharma General Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 9410866066 abhinav.ce16@iitp.ac.in
Satyam Singh Mess Secretary 9955543075 satyam.ce16@iitp.ac.in
Reddi Sai Vamsi General Secretary, Sports and Games 9491916025 reddi.me16@iitp.ac.in
Navin Kumar Maintenance Secretary 7633058278 Navin.me16@iitp.ac.in
Parth Kulkarni General Secretary, Technical Affairs 7303069559 kulkarni.cs16@iitp.ac.in
Aswin Krishna Students' Welfare Secretary & UG Representative 8129450246 aswin.cb16@iitp.ac.in

Name Post Contact no. Email
Jagdish Aanjana Students' Welfare Secretary 7230989137 jagdish.ce17@iitp.ac.in
Pranshu Chandani Mess Secretary 8791838088 pranshu.ch17@iitp.ac.in
Anuj Kumar Sports Secretary 9110066718 anuj.ce17@gmail.com
Priyansh Singh Rao Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 8058501770 priyansh.ch17@iitp.ac.in
Rahul Pandey Maintenance Secretary 7301767109 rahulpandey.cs17@iitp.ac.in
Shivansh Shukla Secretary, Technical Affairs 8707499083 shivansh.cs17@iitp.ac.in

Name Post Contact no. Email
Kishan Kumar Singh Students' Welfare Secretary 9558434293 1801ee22@iitp.ac.in
V S Subhang Mess Secretary 8978880947 1801cs59@iitp.ac.in
Jagan Mohan Sports Secretary 9381587949 1801me34@iitp.ac.in
Ankush Panghal Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 9729989228 1801cb04@iitp.ac.in
Anand Kishore Maintenance Secretary 7033583834 1801me10@iitp.ac.in
Aman Jee Secretary, Technical Affairs 7424904721 1801ee03@iitp.ac.in

Name Post Contact no. Email
Akashdeep Singh Students' Welfare Secretary 7307210076 1812ma05@iitp.ac.in
Sumit Choudhary Mess Secretary and M.Tech Representative 9045615742 1811ms09@iitp.ac.in
Rahul Verma Sports Secretary 9473994556 1811ms06@iitp.ac.in
Kamaljeet Kundu Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 9034952135 1812ch09@iitp.ac.in
Kundan Singh Maintenance Secretary 9473530949 1811mc06@iitp.ac.in
Rajeev Raushan Secretary, Technical Affairs 9891055809 1811cs13@iitp.ac.in

Name Post Contact no. Email
Kuldeep Awasthi Students' Welfare Secretary & Ph.D. Representative 9729076909 kuldeep.pme16@iitp.ac.in
Kamlesh Kumar Mess Secretary 8340690306 kamlesh_1821me03@iitp.ac.in
Akash Priy Sports Secretary 8709348171 akash_1821me02@iitp.ac.in
Santosh Mishra Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 9717621599 santosh_1821cs03@iitp.ac.in
Shivam Dubey Maintenance Secretary 9258310376 Shivam_1821ch04@iitp.ac.in
Rishikesh Kumar Secretary, Technical Affairs 9718165518 rishikesh.pme16@iitp.ac.in


Name Post Contact no. Email
Bhavani Susmitha Students' Welfare Secretary 9123519137 iragaraju.ch17@iitp.ac.in
Vijaya Gonugade Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 9546089248 1801ce32@iitp.ac.in
Diksha Bansal Secretary , Technical Affairs 9304633963 diksha.cs17@iitp.ac.in
Jeevana Allu Secretary. Sports & Games 7995598954 1801me27@iitp.ac.in
Anisha Benny Mess Secretary 9969277032 1801me11@iitp.ac.in
Anushka Vats Maintenance Secretary 7017462959 1801me13@iitp.ac.in

Name Post Contact no. Email
Krutika Verma Students' Welfare Secretary 7678686441 1821cs10@iitp.ac.in
Sheetal Singh Secretary, House of Socio Cultural affairs (HOSCA) 7318149550 1812ma13@iitp.ac.in
Madhuri Ram Secretary , Technical Affairs 9455242841 1811ee07@iitp.ac.in
Trisha Secretary. Sports & Games 9643751008 1811nt11@iitp.ac.in
Akanksha Singh Baghel Mess Secretary 9455032451 1821ch14@iitp.ac.in
Nandita Ghosh Maintenance Secretary 7365028599 1812ch10@iitp.ac.in



card image

Dr. Manoranjan Kar

Dr. Manoranjan Kar

Associate Dean (Students Affairs)
Mobile: 0612-302-8549

card image

Abhinav Gyan

Abhinav Gyan

Vice President, Gymkhana

Mobile: 7250925416


card image

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Block: Warden Boy's Hostel(Block A and B)
Department: Electrical Engineering
Mobile: 6123028246

card image

Dr. Sourav Kumar Dandapat

Dr. Sourav Kumar Dandapat

Block: Warden Boy's Hostel(Block C and D)
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Mobile: 6123028345

card image

Dr. Deepu P

Dr. Deepu P

Block: Warden (Married and New Hostel)
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Mobile: 6123028703

card image

Dr. Arghya Choudhury

Dr. Arghya Choudhury

Block: Associate Warden (Block A and B)
Department: Physics
Mobile: 6123028113

card image

Dr. Prakash Parida

Dr. Prakash Parida

Block: Associate Warden (Block C and D)
Department: Physics
Mobile: 6123028122

card image

Dr. Balendu Bhooshan Upadhyay

Dr. Balendu Bhooshan Upadhyay

Block: Associate Warden (Married and New Boys Hostel)
Department: Mathematics
Mobile: 6123028721

card image

Dr. Neha Kiritkumar Shah

Dr. Neha Kiritkumar Shah

Block: Warden (Girls Hostel)
Department: Physics
Mobile: 6123028165

card image

Dr. Antara Garai

Dr. Antara Garai

Block: Associate Warden (Girls Hostel)
Department: Chemistry
Mobile: 6123028172


Deepak Kumar Chourasia

Security Officer

Mob: 0612-302-8107

Mrs. Vibha Jha

Caretaker, Girls' Hostel

Mob: 9835496701

Ms. Lipsha Sharma

Caretaker, Girl’s Hostel

Mob: 0612-302-8455

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Attendant, Boy’s Hostel

Mob: 9102188838

Mr. Ritesh Kumar

Attendant, Boy’s Hostel

Mob: 9955330601

Mr. Kamlesh


Mob: 9304994825

Mr. Santosh


Mob: 8541872683

Mr. Kunal


Mob: 9973359488

Security No.

Boy’s Hostel gate

Mob: 0612-302-8356

Hospital Reception No.

Mob: 0612-302-8800

Mr. Pawan Kumar

Medical Staff, Ruban Hospital

Mob: 8873002629

Mr. Purna Chandra Mandal

Junior Medical Attendant

Mob: 8271111659


Ruban Hospital

Mob: 8406003111