Medical Unit

IIT Patna HospitalBeing an important tool in the development of an institute, health care facilities at IIT Patna has been well planned and executed. IIT Patna Hospital at Bihta campus runs with the help of Ruban Memorial Hospital, Patna. It is functional with primary basic health care facilities for employees and students. Apart from that, we have associated ourselves with local hospitals like Mahavir Vatsalaya Aspatal, Sahayog Hospital, Kurji Holy Family Hospital and Paras HMRI Hospital to cater to the basic needs of our faculty, staff, students and their families on a cashless basis. Hospitalization expense of students is covered under a medical insurance policy. A pharmacist and an assistant are available on a full-time basis to provide emergency first-aid, and for routine medical services. A 24x7 Ambulance service is also available to provide emergency services to everyone who is part of IITP system.


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Please use the prefix "0612-302" with the Phone number.


PhotoDesignationE-mail IDPhone

Dr. Murshid Imam
PIC Medical pic_medical 8699

Mr. Ravi Shankar
Pharmacist ravi +91 9472262116


Emergency Contacts Details:


NameContact Details
IIT Hospital Reception 0612 302 8800
IIT Doctor's Chamber 0612 302 8801
Mahavir Vatsalya Aspatal 0612-2277529
Ruban Hospital 0612 227 0059
Kurji Holy Family Hospital 0612-2262540
Paras Hospital
(For Joint Replacement, Cardiology,
Nuclear Medicine and Oncology)
IIT Patna Ambulance +91 8406003111
Pawan Kumar (Manager Ruban) +91 8873002629, +91 8409602311
Kunal  (Ambulance Technician) +91 7050113581


Doctor's List


Name of DoctorCategoryTiming
Dr. Alok (MBBS) General Physician OPD
Dr. R.P Sinha (MBBS) General Physician OPD
Dr. Jamshed Anwar (MD. Medicine) Specialist Tuesday & Saturday 2:00 PM To 5:00 PM
Emergency 24 hours


Visit of Specialist in IIT Patna Hospital


Physician Tuesday and Saturday, (02:00 PM - 05:00 PM)
Gynecologist Wednesday and Saturday, (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Pediatrician Wednesday and Saturday, (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Psychiatrist Sunday, (03:00 PM -05:00 PM)