Gender Inclusiveness Committee

IIT Patna strives to be a gender neutral campus. To attain this aim the Institute is committed to organise various awareness programmes of gender sensitiveness geared towards students as well as faculty and staff members. Though in the common parlance gender is often equated with women but among IIT Patna community we reinforce that gender includes men, women, and people with any other orientation.

In order to foster the spirit of gender neutrality at all levels, different implementation approaches shall be adopted, such as ensuring gender neutral safe spaces for all in the campus, proper gender representation in all committees, meetings, and all other activities.

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Gender Inclusiveness Committee (GIC), IIT Patna

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Dr. Papia Raj

Professor in charge


praj 8188

Dr. Alpana Nayak
Associate Faculty anayak 8619
Ms. Tanuja Kumari
tanujak 8292

Mr. Ankit Gaurav
gaurav 8063
Female student representative - Member
Male student representative - Member