Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

The vision of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department at IIT Patna is to achieve national and international recognition through the educational and research achievements and the professional service of our faculty, staff and students. Our mission is to provide students with an overall educational experience that prepares our students to become successful professional chemical engineers capable of undertaking both life-long learning and further advanced studies.

The Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department plans to provide opportunities for both course-based and research-based Masters Degrees and Doctorates in addition to undergraduate B. Tech program. These undergraduate and graduate programs aim to develop highly-qualified graduates who are self-motivated, independent and clearthinking individuals capable of undertaking an independent work in industry and research and development programs and government and public sectors undertakings.

The department is trying to achieve fully developed infrastructure and well equipped laboratories in chemical and biochemical and Food process Engineering. Apart from this, department envisions to regularly organizing seminars and workshop on its own or with collaboration with other elite institutions. Department will be equipped with CAD lab and others for research in chemical reaction engineering, plant and process design, quality control and transport phenomenon would be developed in due course of time. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department will focus on relevant curriculum and research and development in the areas of chemical products processing, biological systems engineering, food processing technology, bio-fuel, industrial biotechnology, bioreactor design and electrochemical energy conversion.